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The NADD Competency-Based Clinical Certification Program


The NADD Accreditation/Certification Program is an important tool for state agencies, DD and MH, that are interested in expanding their community infrastructure to support people with co-occurring developmental disabilities and mental illnesses... NCI data have consistently documented over the years that approximately 32% of all people receiving DD services have a mental illness. The NADD Accreditation/Certification Program offers an important tool to states and providers interested in improving their efforts to serve this group of individuals.

Charles Moseley, Ed.D.
Associate Executive Director

The NADD competency-based clinical certification has provided me with an avenue to verify a dual diagnosis specialty.  My ability to provide clinical supports to individuals supported both by medical assistance and private insurances has been expanded by allowing me to gain access to closed insurance networks.  These networks had been closed to me prior to receiving this certification, allowing this population to remain largely unserved outside of community mental health centers."

Alyse Kerr, MS, NCC, LPC, NADD-CC


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