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The NADD Competency-Based Direct-Support Professional Certification Program


The cost of the NADD Competency-Based DSP Certification is $60.00, payable in the form of a non-refundable application/exam fee of $60.00 which must be paid when applying for Certification.

DSPs seeking certification are required to be members of NADD at the time they apply for certification and to maintain NADD membership throughout the time that they hold certification.  Those DSPs who are employed by an organization holding a NADD organizational membership do not need a separate membership since they are entitled to all of the privileges of membership (except voting).  For those DSPs who are not employed by an organization with a NADD organizational membership, an individual NADD membership for a DSP will cost $60.00 per year.

The NADD Competency-Based Certification is good for two years.  There is no annual fee or additional payment required during the term of certification.  The cost of renewing certification after this two year period is $30.00, which will be the only charge for certification during the next two year period.


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