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NADD DSP Recertification Application

Upon completion and submission of this application, you will be taken to the NADD Store for payment of the certification renewal fee.

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(It is recommended that you include at least one method of contact that would still work should you choose to change employers.)

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Continuing Education Requirement

All NADD certified DSPs are required to obtain eight (8) hours of additional education and training every 2 years in areas related to Mental Wellness and Mental Health for persons with IDD. In-house training is acceptable for ongoing education and training. Attending conferences, special training sessions, teleconferences, or web based learning are all acceptable.

One hour of continuing education is equivalent to 60 minutes of instructional time.

While all NADD-certified DSPs are expected to meet agency and state/provincial requirements to maintain eligibility as "an employee in good standing," as referenced in the application procedure, compliance with these mandatory trainings does not meet the continuing education requirement and may not be applied to the eight (8) hours.

Continuing education credit will be documented on an on-line form. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide verifiable information of the training received, training provided, and publication to be considered for continuing education credit. For example, an applicant must provide the date, topic, sponsoring or training organization, trainer, and number of hours for each continuing education claimed.























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Other Training

You may be asked to provide additional information to further clarify the applicability of your continuing education activities.
I do hereby attest/affirm that the information I have provided is accurate and that I participated in the trainings as indicates.
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I do further indicate that I have adhered to the NADSP Code of Ethics.
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Please notify NADD with contact information changes.